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Kirk "Patrick" Peterson

        Patrick committed himself to the HVAC industry the day he left technical school and he never looked back.

     He's the fourth generation of his family in the trade (his father was a chiller / boiler technician, his grandfather was a boilerman, and his great grandfather was a boilerman on a steam ship in the 1800s.

(that's 150+ years of moving heat around!)


   He's served in various technical and training roles in the HVAC industry and specializes in system troubleshooting and technical training and writing. 


         His writing has been published in RSES magazine (He made cover!) and Mike Rowe's (of Dirty Jobs fame) Trade Hub partner, The SmartVan, as well as other industry / trade publications.


                                                                                  His view on our industry:

 Most equipment doesn't die a natural death, it's murdered, and it's the Service Technician's job to catch the culprit.


                                                                                          Patrick’s Likes-

                          His Wife, dog and kids, old pickup trucks, hiking, and the industrial Revolution. (in that order)


                                                                                        Patrick’s Dislikes-

                                            Taking work too seriously, anything unintuitive, unnecessary wordiness. 


                                                                                    Famous Patrick Quote-

                                 "Everything is easy if you know it, the hard part is knowing what you don't know”

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